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 18:00 Icebreaker The Vic, St Andrews (link)
08-Jan Tuesday
08:45 Mikhail, Mare, Borst Welcome Address
 09:00 Main et al Keynote: Forecasting the timing of catastrophic failure events in geological materials
 09:15 Pugsley et al Three-dimensional facies architecture model of the Mull Lava Pile, Isle of Mull, Scotland
 09:30 Stinton et al That sinking feeling: Evidence for significant syn-arc development subsidence in the NE Lesser Antilles
 09:45 Heap et al Estimating the “upscaled” strength of hot and cool andesitic domes
 10:00 Naismith et al Eruption frequency patterns through time for the current (1999 – 2018) activity cycle at Volcán de Fuego derived from remote sensing data
 10:15 Coffee Coffee
 10:30 Coffee Coffee
 10:45 Tuffen Keynote: Rhyolitic conduit processes: from Icelandic fossils to Chilean eruptions


Thermo Fischer Scientific VMSG Awardee 2018
 11:15 Lopes et al Keynote: Extraterrestrial lava lakes
 11:30 Wilson & Head Emplacement of Large-Scale Planetary Lava Flows
 11:45 Byrne On the thermal evolution of terrestrial planets
 12:00 Fox-Powell & Cousins Freezing-induced fractionation in aqueous cryomagmas relevant to Enceladus and other icy moons
 12:15 FLASH Opt-in 1 slide poster introduction 
 12:30 coffee Posters for Themes 1,3,6,7
 12:45 Posters Posters for Themes 1,3,6,7
 13:00 Posters Posters for Themes 1,3,6,7
 13:15 Lunch/Posters Posters for Themes 1,3,6,7
 13:30 Lunch/Posters Posters for Themes 1,3,6,7
 13:45 Lunch/Posters Posters for Themes 1,3,6,7
 14:00 B van Wyk de Vries Keynote: A boots on the ground and cards on the table systems approach to eruptive processes
 14:15 Blake & Cortés Forecasting the start and duration of volcanic eruptions using physical models and real-time ground deformation data
 14:30 Genge The Effects of Volcanic Shockwaves
 14:45 Mitchell et al Sink or swim: Eruptive controls on the formation and longevity of pumice rafts with implications for the submarine geologic record
 15:00 Smith et al Dune bedforms as deposits of dense granular-fluid currents
 15:15 Clarke et al The style of post-caldera, pumice-cone-forming eruptions: insights from the Main Ethiopian Rift
 15:30 Coffee Coffee
 15:45 Coffee Coffee
 16:00 Simmons et al The inner workings of a volcanic complex: Holocene activity at Quetrupillán, Chile
 16:15 Owen et al Beautifully Understated Fractures Filled Internally with Sediment Indicating Trigger for Explosivity: a new texture discovered in basaltic pyroclasts from the Katla 1918 eruption
 16:30 M van Wyk de Vries et al Volcan de Fuego 2018 eruption: climatic, volcanic and topographic controls
 16:45 Scarlett et al The Keys to the Past: Reconstructing the 1812 eruption of La Soufrière St. Vincent, Lesser Antilles using a mixed-methods approach
 17:00 Sinclair et al Volcanic risk governance shaped by policy mobility: lessons from Volcán de Colima, México
 17:15 Manley et al Investigating the end of volcanic eruptions using machine learning analysis of time series data
 17:30 DRINKS Poster Hall
09-Jan Wednesday
 09:00 Koornneef et al Keynote: Melt- and mineral inclusions: Tools to study volatile recycling in space and time
 09:15 Mikhail

The curious case of nitrogen in diamond. How did it get there, and what does it mean?

 09:30 Halama  & Bebout Nitrogen transfer in subduction zones and implications for nitrogen cycling
 09:45 Macpherson et al Carbonate assimilation by Sunda Arc magma at Sumbing volcano, central Java, Indonesia
 10:00 Iveson et al Melt Inclusions from the Kamchatka Arc: What B Isotopes Tell Us about Fluid Fluxes
 10:15 Coffee Coffee
 10:30 Coffee Coffee
 10:45 Edmonds Keynote: Volcanoes: exhaust pipes of the Earth

Thermo Fischer Scientific VMSG Awardee 2019
 11:15 Matthews What constraints can melt inclusions place on mantle volatiles?
 11:30 Taracsak et al The origin and evolution of volatile-rich basanites from El Hierro (Canary Islands)
 11:45 Tollan et al An assessment of magmatic volatile equilibria by FTIR spectroscopy of unexposed melt inclusions and their host quartz: a new technique and application to the Mesa Falls Tuff, Yellowstone
 12:00 M Burton et al New insights into degassing from Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat and global estimates of volcanic CO2 flux
 12:15 FLASH Opt-in 1 slide poster introduction
 12:30 Coffee Posters for Themes 2,4,5
 12:45 Posters Posters for Themes 2,4,5
 13:00 Posters Posters for Themes 2,4,5
 13:15 Lunch/Posters Posters for Themes 2,4,5
 13:30 Lunch/Posters Posters for Themes 2,4,5
 13:45 Lunch/Posters Posters for Themes 2,4,5
 14:00 Blundy et al Keynote: The effect of redox on Fe-Mg exchange between olivine and melt and an oxybarometer for basaltic systems
 14:15 Gleeson et al Crustal processing or source lithology, what controls olivine compositions?
 14:30 Ubide et al Sector zoned clinopyroxene records magma mixing and ascent
 14:45 Bennett et al Melt inclusion vapour saturation pressures: olivine vs plagioclase
 15:00 Mutch et al Millenial storage of magmatic carbon near the Moho
 15:15 Petford & Clemens Differentiation by Deformation Revisited
 15:30 Coffee Coffee
 15:45 Coffee Coffee
 16:00 Sparks et al Rethinking 226Ra-222Rn-210Pb disequilibria in volcanic rocks: implications for degassing and magma dynamics
 16:15 Neukampf et al Tracking degassing of explosive eruption with lithium isotopes
 16:30 Twomey et al A new insight into the transport and storage of magma in subvolcanic systems: A case study from the Reydara Laccolith, SE Iceland
 16:45 Healy et al Lateral emplacement of dykes into previously fractured rock
 17:00 Magee & Jackson How do normal faults grow above dykes?
 17:15 Student AGM Main Lecture Theatre
 17:30 DRINKS Poster Hall
 19:00 BANQUET! The Old Course Hotel (link)
10-Jan  Thursday
 09:00 Burton-Johnson et al Tectonic strain recorded by magnetic fabrics (AMS) in plutons: A tool to explore past tectonic regimes and syn-magmatic deformation
 09:15 Maclennan et al Transcrustal flow of basalt during the Krafla Fires
 09:30 Camejo-Harry et al The magmatic systems beneath Kick-‘em-Jenny and Kick-‘em-Jack submarine volcanoes, Lesser Antilles
 09:45 Finch Sulfur Isotope Variability, Mantle Sources and the Cooling Histories of Alkaline Igneous Rocks
 10:00 Borst Rare earth element partitioning in eudialyte group minerals. An X-ray absorption study
 10:15 Coffee Coffee
 10:30 Coffee Coffee
 10:45 Stone Five things that people have taught us about volcano risk management

Willy Aspinall Awardee 2019
 11:15 K Burton & Parkinson Keynote: Chemical Stratification of Earth’s Oceanic Crust resulting from Mantle Heterogeneity
 11:30 McCormick-Kilbride et al Geochemistry and petrography of recent lavas from Bagana volcano, Papua New Guinea
 11:45 Gooday et al Rapid timescales of magmatic emplacement and volcanism: U-Pb dates from Palaeogene rocks on Arran
 12:00 Mare et al Pressure effects on mineral–melt partitioning: the case of germanium
 12:15 Troch et al Experimental melting of hydrothermally altered rocks: Constraints for the generation of low-δ18O rhyolites in the central Snake River Plain
 12:30 AGM et al

Posters (A0, Portrait) 

Theme 1 Eruption processes
Mangler et al Mafic recharge at Popocatépetl volcano, Mexico: The driving force of magma hybridisation and eruptive activity
Flower & Khan Space-borne determination of volcanic eruptive processes
Cole et al Cyclicity of past activity at La Soufrière of St Vincent – defining cycles and constraining activity
Whitty et al  Particle sizes and concentrations of volcanic aerosols of the 2018 Kīlauea Lower East Rift Zone Eruption
Morris et al The relationship between grain shape and fabric in cumulate rocks
Hicks et al Using dynamic scenario exercises to strengthen resilience to volcanic risk
Berry et al Using Historical Sources to Re-estimate the Size of the 1902 Plinian Eruption of Santa María Volcano, Guatemala
Davies et al Understanding Eruptive Transitions: Initial results from the Echo Canyon Eruption, Ascension Island, South Atlantic
Bain et al A tale of two magma plugs: Experimental constraints on variable rates of densification and permeability reduction
Voigt et al Decoding one of the most explosive and sulphuric eruptions in recent Earth history
Shannon et al The pre-eruptive magma plumbing system of the Lower Pollara eruption, Salina, Aeolian Islands
Schauroth et al Will it foam? Bubble nucleation timescales are dependent on shear stress in magma
Quainoo et al A Revision to European Building Code EN1991 for Static and Dynamic Roof Loading by Volcanic Ash
Moreland The temporal evolution of Icelandic fissure eruptions – observations of surface morphology and volcaniclastic products
Havard et al Rigid crystals delay welding processes and prolong the opportunity for outgassing
Gillmore et al 3D imaging of natural volcanic ash fragments and comparison with experimentally-vesiculated volcanic glass
Engwell et al The Eruption Source Parameter Database: an update
Buckland et al The significance of co-ignimbrite ash from the Mazama eruption
Selby & Gertisser The pre-eruptive magma system and explosive to effusive transition at the Montagnola lava dome, Filicudi, Aeolian Islands
Foster et al Fabulously Icky, Sticky Pyroclasts from a Basaltic Fissure Eruption on Ascension Island, South Atlantic
Hodgetts et al Picking apart Mexico City’s volcanic history using a unique volcanic archive preserved within a lacustrine core
Theme 2 Subvolcanic processes
Schmiedel et al Coulomb failure of Earth’s brittle crust controls growth, emplacement and shapes of igneous sills, saucer-shaped sills and laccoliths
Wieser et al The Record of Magma Storage under Kīlauea Volcano Preserved in Distorted Olivine Crystals
Barber et al Applying Geographic Information Systems to Estimate Pre- and Post-Erosional Deccan Lava Volumes
Westland & Faithfull The Loch Uisg Picrite Suite: ultramafic intrusions in SE Mull
Gordon & McCarthy Magma migration through the composite zone of a bimodal subvolcanic complex
Olver et al The Gutanasar Volcanic Complex, Armenia: Eruption, Evolution and Hazards
Unwin et al Fracking magma: An investigation of hydrofracturing in volcanic systems
Carey et al The Kahouanne polygenetic Seamounts in the Northern Lesser Antilles Island Arc: Evidence for large-scale subsidence
Walton et al Pyroxene-melt element partitioning as a function of chlorine content
Walker et al Igneous intrusion segments as a record of intrusive sheet growth and emplacement mechanisms?
Honour et al Late-stage melt migration in the Skaergaard Intrusion
Rees et al Characterising eruptive processes at Manam volcano, Papua New Guinea
Neave et al Magmatic evolution biases records of mantle chemistry towards recycled sources
Reddin et al Investigating Mechanisms of Long-Term Subsidence, with Examples from Kenyan Rift Volcanoes
Moore et al A petrological investigation into the triggers of the June 2018 eruption of Volcán de Fuego, Guatemala
Madden-Nadeau et al From reservoir to eruption: Investigating the evolution of Krakatoa’s 1883 magma
Law et al Using basalts to probe the driving forces behind large-scale silicic volcanism
Coumans et al Validation of a numerical bubble growth model using continuous experimental data
Humphreys et al Apatite reveals rapid pre-eruptive mush disaggregation and magma assembly
Eves & Healy Testing models for dyke emplacement
Gildersleeves et al Generating explosive eruptions: new insights into sub-volcanic melt migration from Tenerife cumulate nodules
Hughes et al Elucidating magma storage and mixing processes during the 2013-present eruption at Volcán de Colima, Mexico: Preliminary Results
Rhodes et al The plutonic-volcanic connection – Preliminary results from Reyðarártindur pluton, Iceland
Ellis et al Biotites as recorders of the magmatic-hydrothermal transition
Ronchin et al Internal aspects of a growing shallow reservoir: modelling viscous magma flow and heat transfer
BRETAGNE et al Mineralogical limitations for x-ray tomography of crystalline rocks to understand cumulate processes
Conway et al Timescales of magma mixing preserved in high-magnesian andesites at Ruapehu volcano, New Zealand
Butterworth et al Petrogenesis of plutonic xenoliths ejected by the 1815 Tambora eruption
Astbury et al High-resolution trace element crystal mapping as an integrated tool to unravel sub-volcanic processes
Anderson et al The Quaternary Colima Volcanic Complex, Mexico: Preliminary assessment of petrographic and geochemical variation
Theme 3 Monitoring across scales
Butcher et al Comparing Q factor methods applied to volcano seismic events
Weaver et al Soft and leaky? Thermal weakening and permeability development in clay-bearing volcaniclastic rock
Rodger et al Investigating the Physical Properties of Volcanic Ash Particles from Iceland
Pearson & Gertisser The Potential of LiDAR Imaging and Reflectance Data in Characterising Volcanic Deposits: Insights from the Eifel Volcanic Field, Germany
Varnam et al The effect of light dilution on different calibration techniques for the SO2 camera
Kendrick et al Heterogeneous systems: Laboratory constraints of volcanic rock properties
Johnson et al The STAK project – Shear wave splitting Tomography At Kilauea
Hickey et al Syn-eruptive asymmetric surface deformation at Tungurahua volcano, Ecuador
Esse et al Quantification of ash sedimentation dynamics through depolarisation imaging with AshCam
Dualeh et al Radar backscatter analysis methods applied to the 2018 Fuego volcano eruption, Guatemala
Macfarlane et al Using the AVTIS Radar for lava dome survey and rain monitoring in Montserrat
Cassidy et al Monitoring signatures of explosive eruptions and potential ways forward
Barclay et al Livelihoods and the risk to life during volcanic eruptions
Gray et al Evidence for a permanent lava lake in British Territory: Remote sensing of Mt. Michael, South Sandwich Islands
González et al Clean water affected by volcanic activity? Study case of Turrialba volcano, Costa Rica
Theme 4 Isotope and Trace Element Geochemistry
Williams et al Homogenous Fe isotopes from a heterogenous mantle
Papadopoulou et al Investigating the most voluminous Cenozoic magmatism in Mongolia: A case study from Dariganga
Brims et al The magmatic record of subduction initiation along the Caribbean Oceanic Plateau
Wiltshire et al Oxygen isotope constraints on crustal contamination at the active La Fossa cone, Vulcano, Aeolian Islands
Preece et al New 40Ar/39Ar chronological and petrological constraints on the Debed lavas (Armenia) – the smallest and youngest continental flood basalt province
Savage & Trail Experimental calibration of the Si isotope fractionation between quartz and zircon
McGowan et al Geochemical correlation of distal ignimbrite outflow sheets from Langdale Caldera, English Lake District
Brown & Taylor Increased throughput of crust-contaminated mafic magma responsible for change in activity at Sakurajima Volcano
Stokes et al Apatite trace element chemistry as a tool for determining oxidation state in magmas in the early solar system
Miles & Woodcock What do magmatic zircons really record?
Reekie et al Tracing recycling through the chemical variability of oceanic plateau basalts
Brown et al The Copper Isotope Composition of the Continental Crust
Jian et al Magmatic changes in Central Panama as an indicator of subduction dynamics and breakup of Farallon plate
Roberts et al The heterogeneity of the Miocene Iceland mantle plume
Theme 5 Ore deposit-formation and exploration
Sokół et al Fenitisation associated with alkaline-silicate complexes. Implications for HFSE mobility in late-stage fluids, Gardar Rift, SW Greenland
McCarthy et al Unweaving fabrics to constrain the physical mechanisms controlling magma and hydrothermal fluid processes
Berry et al An Integrated Accessory Mineral Approach to Understanding Post-Subduction Magmatism and Mineralisation
Horsburgh & Finch Luminescence of minerals in carbonatite
Theme 6 Extraterrestrial Volcanism and Magmatism
Lo & Burton Determining the volatile history of the Moon through geomorphological studies of eruption deposits and modelling of volcanic processes
Theme 7 Tracking carbon and other volatiles
Laxton et al

Constraining the magmatic system of Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano by monitoring CO2-H2O in gases

Formoso et al The speciation of nitrogen in silicate phases
Boocock et al Measuring the Nitrogen content of the continental crust: isotopic heterogeneity in granite and implications for the storage of Nitrogen in granitic rocks
Mason et al

Volcanic aerosol chemistry of the 2018 Kīlauea Lower East Rift Zone eruption – following trace elements from source to exposed communities

Taylor et al

Using the Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer (IASI) to detect elevated SO2 emissions at volcanoes

Waters et al Halogen heterogeneity in the Icelandic mantle source
Maters et al Alteration of the Ice Nucleating Effectiveness of Volcanic Ash by High Temperature Ash-Gas Interactions
Mare et al Measuring nitrogen in silicates
Jones et al Textural relations of reidite in zircon in Palaeocene impact ejecta from Skye
Crosby et al Coupled helium isotope and incompatible trace element variability of the SCLM
Crick et al Volcanism and climate: Evolution of sulphur isotopes across the Toba eruption
Hoare et al

The apparent Archaean diamond paradox